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Castor Oil


Rich in unique ricinoleic acid - up to 90%. High viscosity and absorption of moisture in the air. Ease and lubricate skin. High ricinoleic acid content has a special softening effect on hair and skin.


Hard/Soft/Brittle: Soft Oil

Properties in Soap: Boosts lather by making a soap more easily dissolved in water

Recommended Usage: 5-10%

Note: Some soap makers like to use 15-20% castor oil in their shampoo bars or shaving bars


Castor Oil (300ml)

  • Delivery:

    Singapore: 3 - 5 business days

    Other countries: To be advised


    Choose a greener option by opting for self-collection at our refill station in our studio. Our representative will contact you once we have received your order.

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