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Olive Oil

One hundred percent olive oil soap, or “Castile” soap has been made for centuries – and today, soap makers of all types usually include at least some olive oil in their recipes. It makes a nice hard bar of soap, is mild, and in combination with other oils, makes a nice dense lather.


Soft/Hard/Brittle: Soft

Properties in Soap: Low slippery lather, almost no bubbles, low cleansing

Recommended Usage: 25-80%

Note: The low cleansing properties of olive oil make it very mild and nourishing. Soap for sensitive skin, elder skin or baby skin should include high amounts of olive (60%). Castile soap is made with 100% olive oil. It is a very soft bar of soap when unmolding but cures into a rock hardbar. Soaps high (50%+) in olive oil need longer to cure and unmold.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil (300ml)

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