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Established in 2016

Sugar & Spice began as one of the first soap making studio in Singapore. Back then crafting was often regarded as an occasional activity. Since then, we’ve witnessed the transformation of crafting as an outlet for mindfulness, connection, wellness, and creativity. 


Here, we believe crafting is not just about making things; it’s about finding joy, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging. Through the years, Sugar & Spice has blossomed into a warm and inviting space where crafting enthusiasts come together to share moments of connection. For our students, it's a retreat from the demands of the outside world — a sanctuary to take a mental break, hone skills, and uncover the joy of creation. And for local soap brand owners, our studio is a dedicated workspace to craft their handmade soaps for their small businesses.


Crafting as a journey

While we appreciate the beauty of our craft, we place emphasis on the inherent wellness benefits of what we do by using natural ingredients. Our commitment extends to working with raw ingredients that are gentle on both our skin and the earth to empower our community to cultivate a healthier, informed, and more sustainable approach to wellness.

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Sustainable crafting is fundamental to the approach of Sugar & Spice. We actively foster creativity and unity within our community, encouraging a mindful and considerate approach to our craft. From ensuring our Maker Space is well-stocked with a variety of soap-making ingredients, thereby allowing you to pay only for what you need, to the communal sharing equipment, we strive to make crafting easier and more friendly for everyone.


We also host quarterly soap drives, where you can contribute any excess creations in your crafting endeavours to support communities in need.

Meet the team

As crafters, we understand the value of learning through hands-on experience, and believe in sharing our wealth of knowledge and resources refined through years of trial-and-error. Our team is made up of experienced instructors and pioneers of Singapore’s soap making scene.

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