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Discover the artistry of soap making, skincare through our range of workshops designed for enthusiasts of all levels – from beginners taking their first steps to experts looking to refine their skills. At our workshops, you're not just learning how to make soap; you're embarking on a journey within a community guided by fellow artisans.


Each session is crafted to provide a fun and hands-on experience with personalised guidance from our instructors. Explore our diverse range of workshops and join our thriving community of soap makers.


Soap Basics: Cold Process
Bar Soap Making

Learn how to make your own natural bar soap in this beginner-friendly workshop.

2 hours | $120

liquid soap3.png

Soap Basics: Cold Process
Liquid Soap Making

Learn how to make your own all-purpose castile liquid soap in this beginner-friendly workshop.

2 hours | $180

Soap Art 1.jpg

Soap Basics: Melt & Pour
Soap Art

A simple yet joyful soap making workshop for ages 3 and up.

2 hours | $60

Our beginner-friendly workshops are guided by our experienced instructors for a safe and fun learning experience. Perfect for groups of family and friends wanting to exploring a new craft together, and also suitable for seasonal soap makers or returning soap makers to refresh their foundational skills.

Soap Basics

202108 Sugar and Spice Calendula and Chamomile.jpg

Soap Mastery: Cold Process Bar Soap Making

Deepen your knowledge of natural soap making ingredients and learn to craft your own formulations.

2 hours | $220

liquid soap.png

Soap Mastery: Cold Process Liquid Soap Making

Deepen your knowledge of natural liquid soap making ingredients and learn to craft your own formulations.

2 hours | $280

Dive into the technical know hows of ingredients, formulation and process for artisans journeying deeper into their crafting. These classes are designed as a natural progression for participants who have attended soap basics workshops.

Soap Mastery

Drop Swirl.jpg

Design Basics: Cold Process Bar Soap 

Learn basic cold process soap design techniques to personalise your soap.

2 hours | $150


Design Int: Ombré Cold Process Bar Soap

Master layering techniques to create colour gradients in your handmade soap.

2 hours | $150


Design Int: Woodgrain Cold Process Bar Soap

Discover the art of creating woodgrain patterns for your handmade bar soap.

2 hours | $180


Design Advanced: Soap Piping  Cold Process  Soap

Learn about soap piping while making cupcake soaps in this technique-focused workshop.

3 hours | $180

These soap design workshops are designed for those looking to refine their soap making techniques. Guided by our senior instructors, the classes provide hands-on experience and technical knowledge for those exploring with soap colours, patterns, and designs.

Featured techniques for our Design Intermediate and Design Advanced workshops are updated every 2 months so there is always something new to learn and discover.

Soap Design


Skincare Basics: 
Lotion and Balm

Make your own personalised body lotion & balm from natural ingredients.

2 hours | $150


Skincare Basics:
Moisturiser and Serum

Make your personalised face moisturiser and face serum with all natural ingredients.

2 hours | $180

Our skincare workshops are led by Dr. Kenneth, who is our expert skincare maker. These workshops are suitable for all who are curious about the ingredients and process of making their own natural skincare. 

Skincare Basics

  • What are your operating hours?
    Operating Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Please note that we are closed on Mondays and Wednesday. Operating hours may also vary during public holidays. For updates on our public holiday hours, follow us on Instagram.
  • Do you offer a membership or loyalty programme?
    Yes! We offer All Access Pass subscriptions for unlimited DIY workshop bookings so you can make the most of your soap making experience. Choose from three convenient pass options: 3-months 6-months 1-year All Access Pass holders can also get to enjoy exclusive perks such as discounts for in-studio lye purchase and access to extended services like soap storage rental and purchase of soap making credits.
  • Do you offer discounted rates for senior citizens or students?
    Senior citizens and students are eligible for a 15% discount on our All Access Passes. Simply drop us an email at to provide proof of eligibility* to enjoy these special savings. ​ *Proof of eligibility for senior citizens and students include senior citizen card and student ID.
  • Do you offer any referral programmes?
    All Access Pass holders can get to enjoy exclusive Sugar & Spice referral perks. Receive $20 worth of soap making credits for both you and your referee when they successfully sign up for an All Access Pass.
  • What payment methods do you accept for workshop bookings and product purchases?
    Sugar & Spice operates on a cashless payment system. All payments for workshops, packages, All Access Pass Plans, and products are to be made online via card payments or PayNow. For PayNow purchases, please reach out to us at to complete your purchase.

Frequently asked questions

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