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5 Easy Design Techniques for Cold Process Soap

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Learn how you can turn a Plain Jane looking soap into something beautiful.

Most soap design techniques are a combination of basic techniques including blending of colours, layering and embedding.

Here are some of the different techniques and variations you can try:

Stunning 3D soap art - Layering soaps decorated with intricate Japanese flower confetti made of cold process handmade soap

Soap Design Technique: LAYERING

Bored of single coloured soap? Play with colours and simply add layers! Match the right colour tone and play around with the different thickness and patterns of layering. This is one of the easiest way to move away from that boring-looking soap. If you are more adventurous, add gradients or ombre version of layering using shades or hues to create a pattern of colour change throughout a bar of soap. By taking advantage of the different colourants, the gradient can appear seamless and beautiful.

Soap design with colourful embeds

Soap Design Technique: EMBEDDING

Want to add depth to your soap? Add in some embeds. Sometimes, adding uneven shapes and colours to the soap can be surprisingly beautiful, adding a touch of uniqueness in every bar. This technique is also a good way to make full use of your extra soaps. Just cut them into pieces and add them into your new batch of soap and viola!

Stunning 3D soap art - Delicate Japanese art soaps designed with dancing funnel swirling technique to create a watermark effect, decorated with intricate flower confetti made of cold process soap clay to give a 3D effect to the soaps.

Soap Design Technique: POURING

There are many pouring techniques that you can try when you play with colours. Seen here is the watermark design created with dancing funnel pouring technique. In this design, to get the watermark effect, we pour different colours alternately. As we have to pour the colours into different columns layer by layer, timing is the key to avoid the soap batter becomes thicker while you pour in the design.

Stunning 2D soap art - Butterfly swirl

Soap Design Technique: SWIRLING

Soap making is a process of creating art. Visualize the pattern, add colours and swirl according to the pattern that you desire, and you will be surprised by an art piece created by yourself. Each bar and pattern is unique and you can see the beauty within only after cutting your loaf of soap. Seen here is the beautiful Butterfly Swirl. Want to master this and other swirling techniques? Learn more than 10 swirling techniques to design your soap!

Stunning 3D soap art - Intricate Japanese flower confetti made of cold process soap

Soap Design Technique: 3D SOAP ART

Upgrade your handcrafted soap from conventional 2D design to a stunning 3D soap art! Soap clays are fun and you can easily knead it into the shapes that you want. Learn the most delicate soap art techniques from Japan! In this workshop, you will learn how to make soap clay, flower confetti & 3D art soap. Alternatively, download these tutorials to make some intricate flower confetti from home. Expect some head turns when you add this technique to your soap.

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