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How to make DIY liquid Castile soap in Singapore?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What is Castile soap?

​In its simplest definition, Castile soap is a soap made from vegetable oil. Originating from the Castile region of Spain, it was traditionally made from one ingredient- pure olive oil. Today, Castile soaps are primarily olive oil based, but many of them can also contain different vegetable oils such as coconut, argan, neem, palm, hemp and jojoba. Castile soaps do not contain any animal products or synthetic detergents and can be found either in bar or liquid form.

What are the benefits of liquid Castile soap?

Real liquid Castile soap is a fully natural and detergent-free cleanser made from 100% vegetable oils with excellent conditioning properties. Liquid castile soap is one of the best natural and bio-degradable soaps for washing your body, hair, laundry, dishes, and almost everything at home. It is gentle and safe enough to be used for children. As it does not contain any parabens, sulphates, and many other synthetic chemicals found in commercial soap, Castile soap is great for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin.

Unlike most commercial soaps, glycerin is retained during the production of a castile soap. Glycerin is a humectants that attracts water. It moisturises and hydrates our skin. When glycerin is applied to the skin, it seals in moisture that might otherwise escape. Liquid Castile soap is enriched with vegetable glycerin that leaves a micro-film on our skin. This thin micro-film pulls water from the environment and keeps our skin hydrated.

With its hydrating nature and strong cleansing power, Castile soap opens and unclogs pores gently to allow for deeper cleansing. People with severe acne have reported that using Castile soap has allowed their pores to be gently unclogged, reduced acne breakouts and blackheads. It is also known to be effective for those with eczema.

How is it beneficial to the environment?

​Unlike commercial soaps that rely on detergent and artificial fragrances to create lather and scent, bubbles from Castile soap come from saponins in vegetable oils while its scent comes from essential oils. These natural ingredients break down in the environment much more easily than other soaps and detergents. The simple nature of the soap means lesser impact to the environment due to reduced waste generated during the production. In fact, during the process of making handcrafted Castile bar soap or liquid soap, all ingredients are transformed into soap and there is literally zero waste produced. On the other hand, Castile soap can be washed away easily, which means saving precious water when cleaning.

Where to buy liquid Castile soap in Singapore?

So, where can you buy liquid Castile soap in Singapore? There are many brands of liquid Castile soap in the market that you can purchase off-the-shelf, such as the most famous Dr. Bronner’s. You can also buy some other brands of liquid Castile soap from local suppliers like Singapore Soap and The Castile Soap Shop.

How can I make my own liquid Castile soap in Singapore?

If you are interested in making your own handmade liquid Castile soap, there are many free resources online with detailed instructions. One good example is the article “How to make DIY liquid Castile soap” written by Erica Strauss, although she is using the hot process method which takes a longer time (4 to 6 hours) than the cold process method (less than an hour).

However, there is an issue if you want to make your own liquid Castile soap in Singapore. One of the essential ingredients to make liquid soap, Potassium Hydroxide, is a controlled item in Singapore. Individuals can only get it by renting a soap making workshop approved by National Environment Agency (NEA) with a special permit. At the moment only Sugar & Spice, Soap Ministry and Singapore Soap have the permit.

Note: Potassium Hydroxide is just like Sodium Hydroxide, they are both alkali (commonly known as lye) used to make soap. The reasons why they are controlled items in Singapore can be found here.

If you want to learn how to make your own liquid Castile soap, here is the good news! We now offer the very first Cold Process Liquid Soap Making Class in Singapore! Join this fast and easy liquid soap making class and learn how to make your very own liquid Castile soap in less than 2 hours. Other liquid soap making classes available in Singapore are still using the hot process method which requires long hours (3-5 hours) of working/cooking.

We also offer Cold Process Soap DIY Workshop where you can rent our facilities and equipment to make your own liquid soap or bar soap. Find out more details about our liquid soap making class and other workshops/classes here.

Sugar & Spice cosy studio at UB. One for DIY cold process soap making and other art and craft workshops/classes.

Useful tips to make your own multipurpose liquid Castile soap

Making a liquid Castile soap as a body wash or as a cleaning agent is as easy as switching up your oils during the soap making process! When making a cleaning agent (laundry or dish washing liquid), you will want to use a higher percentage of hard oil such as coconut oil. This will create more lather and a better cleansing effect. However, as this can be drying to the skin, you will want to use a higher percentage of soft oil such as olive oil when making a body wash. Join our cold process liquid soap making class now to learn more about this and other useful tips!

More tips to make a multipurpose liquid Castile soap (with video):

Happy soaping!

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Mar 29, 2022

Very useful pointers on how to go about making a DIY Castile Soap...

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