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Is it too much to have a workshop feels like home?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Sugar & Spice Studio at UB. One for soap making and other art and craft classes or workshops in Singapore.

Most people who love art and craft know how important a homey place can be as a cradle for great ideas. Having a cosy space to do things that we like may be a luxury of city life, but we believe it's worth everything to make one if we can't find one.

After months of planning and making, we have finally turned our studio at UB. One into a warm and snug place. It is now ready to welcome guests who are interested in making their own soaps.

The studio is fully equipped to host soap making classes for up to 30 students. See more photos of the studio in our Gallery.

With such a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning, now we are able to allow more crafters and artists to conduct workshops and classes here. If you are looking for a convenient and yet affordable space to share your passion with more people, contact us for more details.

Yes, this is probably the cheapest rate you can find in Singapore!

The only reason we open and offer this space to you is we hope to see more art and craft classes around in Singapore. Believe it or not, attending these classes is one of the best ways to relax and de-stress!

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