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Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Feel good about cleaning with this natural all purpose cleaner made with simple plant-based ingredients and refreshing essential oils!

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I'am a clean-freak! Yes, there you go, I've said it. Being a mom of 2 little ones makes it twice as hard to keep the house clean and neat. There are so many types of cleaning detergents that I previously used everyday and if I may add, most of them are filled with chemicals. Don't believe? Check the labels!

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My son had a terrible eczema outbreak when he was a toddler. As a mom, it hurts me to see my boy in pain each time it gets dry, especially on his hands and knees. We highly suspect it was from the floor cleaner that we used as he was learning to crawl at that time. Ever since then, I was determined to find an alternative for all the cleaning solutions that I frequently used and at the same time,  finding a way to minimise the clutters of cleaning bottles under my sink storage.

Natural All-Purpose Cold Process Liquid Soap

It was only a year ago that I got to know about Sugar & Spice soap making classes. They conduct various soap classes which are suitable for beginners like me. I was especially excited for the Cold-Process Liquid Soap Making Class where you get to learn to make Liquid Castile Soap from scratch! I have learnt a lot during the class and I have come to love the cleaning powers of vinegars, baking soda and Castile soap - as well as essential oils! They are all made up of natural ingredients and are ALL amazing at cleaning just about everything you own.

Castile soap is a pure soap made from vegetable oils — usually olive oil and coconut oil — and lye (potassium hydroxide for liquid soap), and just a few other simple ingredients. It is the traditional way to make soap. There are no harsh detergents, and it’s also VERY moisturizing and nourishing with the oils it’s made of. Because of its natural ingredients, I now get my little ones to help me with the cleaning duties around the house.

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Ever since I know how to make my own Castile Soap, I simply use this as the base for all of my cleaning products. I love using sweet orange and lemon essential oil for cleaning the kitchen and dishes because they have a fantastic ability to cut through tough grease. However, in my bathroom I love using eucalyptus and tea tree oil to help prevent mildew.

That’s right, I only need to have two different variations of this spray to keep my house clean. Once you make your own you will become just as obsessed with how easy and safe this cleaner is too!

Natural All-Purpose Cleaner


2 cups distilled water

4 tablespoons liquid Castile soap

10 drops essential oil (sweet orange or lemon are both great for cutting through grease)

1 glass spray bottle

Instructions Measure the distilled water into a glass measuring cup, and add in remaining ingredients. Carefully pour the mixture into the glass spray bottle, and shake well to mix.

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Nora is the contributor of this article and she is continuing her passion in advocating and educating the benefits of using plant-based handmade soaps by joining Sugar & Spice as an Instructor.

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