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Soap Makers Series (featuring Marianah)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

The Team at Sugar & Spice Studio is introducing a new Soap Makers series this August. In this episode, we feature Soap Makers from different background in Singapore to learn what drives their passion in soap making. Meet The Makers: Marianah, who will be sharing her soap making journey and handmade soap recipe.

Meet The Makers: Marianah

"I've always had a fascination with handmade soaps for as long as I can remember. Before there were workshops, I could only buy them online or whenever I travel. But now I can finally create my own soaps using my own recipes."

- Marianah

Marianah has been fascinated with handmade soaps since she was teenager. She has been reading about soap making but she faces a common issue with all soap makers that wishes to start out their soap making journey - Where to buy Lye in Singapore? 

So, where can you get lye in Singapore for soap making?

Lye is one of the key ingredient in soap making and soap makers in Singapore can only get lye by renting a soap making workshop approved by NEA with a license/permit. These workshops must meet the strict safety requirements imposed by the authority. As lye is only allowed to be used in these premises, it has become illegal and irresponsible (to ourselves and the environment) to use lye and make cold process soap at home.

We are a group of soap makers who faced the same problem of getting lye to make our DIY cold process soap in the beginning. Eventually we decided to setup a workshop by applying to NEA for the permit and started out our very first soap maker's workshop in early 2017.

Now our workshop allows soap makers around Singapore to gather here and make their own cold process soaps with lye safely without any worry of compromising the environment and our own safety.

Prior cold-process knowledge & safety handling of lye is required before you could book for a DIY workshop at our studio so if you are new to soap making, you could start with a 2-hr Basic Cold Process Soap Making Class or Cold Process Liquid Soap Making Class.

Join our Community of Soap Makers!

If you have always wanted to give soap making a shot, come say hello to us! Seasoned soap makers are also welcomed! We just love to gather soap makers together and form a little community! Our studio is conveniently located at 81 Ubi Avenue 4 #10-19 UB.ONE Singapore 408830 (We are just 5 mins walk from Tai Seng MRT).

See Class Schedule here.


Try Marianah's Soap Recipe!

Rose and Charcoal Soap:

Olive Oil: 370 g

Coconut Oil: 280 g

Shea Butter: 110 g

Cocoa Butter: 56 g

Castor Oil: 25 g

Sodium Hydroxide: 120 g

Distilled Water: 268 g

Lavender Essential Oil: 25 g

Rose Geranium Essential Oil: 10g

Charcoal Powder: 2 tsps diluted in 3 tsps of olive oil

Rose Clay Powder: 2 tsps diluted in 3 tsps of distilled water

Watch a full step-by-step video on How To Make Rose & Charcoal Soap.


August Happenings!

Natural Skincare Workshop

(Moisturizer & Serum)

25th August 2019

Learn how to make your own natural moisturizer & serum!

Enjoy Natural Goodness With Handmade Soaps.

Buy 5 @ $54 only!

Pamper yourself with our set of cold process handmade soaps.

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