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Soap With Toys

Learn how to make washing hands and bathing time fun for kids!

Parents, does this picture looks familiar to you?

If you are a parent, you will surely have a bunch of these at home! Well, I have 2 kids - a 4 and a 6 years old and I have lotssssss of these tiny toys! (tho, I must say, we have been pretty good with trying to minimize buying these days)

We were spring cleaning our kids' room and as we were categorizing the toys (ala Marie Kondo style) and we were wondering what we can do with the whole lot. Hmmm...

On a side note, my kids have been religiously washing their hands these days but sometimes not with soap when we are not looking (parents, raise your hands if your kids are doing this too…haha).

So I was thinking of a way to make the washing of hands fun and also trying to get my 4 years old daughter to start independent showing on her own.

Then suddenly, Mummy here came up with a brilliant idea (Ehemmm). Why not combine the idea of up-cycling and make washing of hands/bathing time fun!

In this Soap with Toys activity:

- We get to up-cycle the toys (Thank goodness!)

- We get to make washing hands fun (Finally they know how to wash their hands properly! Hooray!)

- We get to entertain them and make them busy for at least 1 hour! (Oh yes please!)

Available in 200g, 500g and 1kg DIY Home Kit.

Don't know how to start? Don't worry! This DIY soap kit comes complete with what you will need to get started. It includes the soap base (clear and opaque), colourants, 100% essential oils, 6 cavity mold, and rubbing alcohol. Instruction guides are available to make sure your first experience will be simple and fun and we get to make at least 10pcs of soaps with a 1kg kit.

All you need is some home items such as:

- Double boiler or microwave (to melt the soaps)

- Home mugs

- Stirrer or spoon

Buy this DIY Kit: Sugar & Spice studio

Watch this quick video on how to make soap with toys!

If you want to see some of our other soap making designs that I do with my kids, check this other video out too!


About the Contributor:

Nora, mother of 2 and soap instructor at Sugar & Spice studio.

This pic sums up my not so dull life as a mom. Loving every minute.


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