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Why is she called Mother Nature?

Just one month after a heated discussion with my eldest son about the “moral high ground” between humanity and nature, last Sunday my second son discussed with me over the dinner about a new documentary on Netflix recommended by his brother - Our Planet.

We were talking about how fast our mother nature can recover her balance and abundance of life when she is left undisturbed by human exploitation – a discovery highlighted in almost every episode of the series.

What made me ponder after the conversation with my second son, was indeed how fast my two sons have grown up on the outside and changed on the inside… They are 20 and 18 years old this year.

The seas around Pulau Misool, Indonesia, were fully protected since 2007, and the recovery has been miraculous. Today there are 25 times more sharks than a decade ago.

As a mother of two sons, I have seen them being influenced heavily by friends, media, Internet, etc. over the years. I did not notice or think about, however, the influence of my motherhood nature on them.

They have never explicitly expressed if they support my plan to set up and run Sugar & Spice to encourage more people to opt for handmade products and DIY life style, which are good for the nature and health altogether. I had been assuming that they might not understand as it is not a big and lucrative business, but more like a small little drive to promote some public awareness.

Now I guess my sons understand that, although they are still very obsessive over gaming and super lazy to study - most likely influenced by their sloppy mom as well. LOL

Turtles that used to be hunted around Pulau Misool now return to the local reefs.

Influence of a mother on her child may not be apparent, but it is always there.

Such invisible presence has unimaginably huge impact on the life of a child. A mother's good influences will eventually create a caring and kind husband, father, or wife, mother in the future. Bad influences of her will do just the opposite.

That's the power of motherhood.

Our Planet filmed the world’s largest new born - an 1-month old baby blue whale, 8 metres long and 6 tons heavy, swims intimately beside her mother.

In the modern world where more and more mothers are facing tough challenges between family and career, the very subtle and gentle motherhood nature of all mothers keeps driving them to nurture and guide their young ones unconditionally, naturally and organically.

This is just like our mother nature. She nourishes and embraces all of the lives on earth, without any discrimination.

That's why we call her Mother Nature.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! You are the most important person on earth in shaping a harmonious and peaceful world!

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Our Planet is a series of documentary from Netflix created in collaboration with Silverback Productions and WWF. The series features jaw-dropping nature stories, grounded in the best science, and highlighting the most pressing challenges facing mother nature today.

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