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Pure Olive Oil Castile Soap


A simple soap made with three basic ingredients: oil, water and lye. This clean and honest olive bar soap soothes, moisturises and nourishes the skin. It is perfect for new born babies, as facial soap, and even as body soaps for those with sensitive skin. The tradition of making pure olive oil soaps spans at least a few hundred years, across Europe to the Middle East, where olive trees are cultivated.

Pure Olive Oil Castile Soap

  • Sold by Plural Supply.

    Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, distilled water and lye.


    Nett weight: 65g

    (Disclaimer: Weight of soap may vary between 10-15% as it ages. Although handmade soaps usually get better with age, we recommend using our soaps within 12 months of purchase.)



    Singapore: 3 - 7 business days

    Other countries: To be advised

  • Handmade soaps dissolve quickly in water. Use a self-draining soap dish, and avoid direct contact with running water during bathing will help extend the lifespan of handmade soap.

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