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Increasing your soap inventories but don't have a space to cure them properly?


Our studio facility is equipped with a storage space to cure your soaps.

Cure your soaps for as low as $5 per tray/month.

Each tray allows you to store up to 1 kg of soap loaf.


Soap Storage rental

Price Options
Soap Storage
Dedicated soap storage rental
S$5.00every month until canceled
  • 1. This item is on a monthly auto renewal subscription.

    2. Please sign in to cancel the monthly subscription when not in use.

    3. Sugar & Spice will not be responsible for any delay in cancellation.

  • 1. Soap Makers are responsible to store and label their soap properly in the storage area.

    2. Sugar & Spice will not be liable for any lost or damaged soaps.

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