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Download this tutorial to upgrade your handcrafted soap from a conventional 2D design to a stunning 3D soap art!


The unique techniques of making flower confetti have been available to Japanese only for many years. Now you can learn and master the advance techniques of making flower confetti in less than 30 minutes from home!


A flower confetti is an intricate confetti-size (less than 1.5cm in diameter) flower-shape decoration used in the making of handmade soap. It is usually handcrafted from soap clay. Japanese soap artists design their handcrafted soaps with these decorations to give the soap a 3D visual of delicate design.


This tutorial includes the following contents about making advanced flower confetti:


  • Advanced techniques to make flower confetti with soap clay.
  • Steps of making advanced design flower confetti: 3- & 4-petal Love Plant Flower. Illustrated with pictures.
  • Important tips on making advanced flower confetti successfully in the shortest time.


Alternatively, you can join our step-by-step advanced flower confetti class to have a hands-on learning experience and make your own soap clay and flower confetti in our cozy workshop with exclusive guidance from our friendly instructors.


Download our basic tutorial here for a palm-free base recipe and steps to make “pure” soap clay together with other useful tips.


To learn how to design and make 3D art soap with flower confetti, check out our soap art class here.

Tutorial for making flower confetti (Love Plant)