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Soap Makers Series (featuring Suganya)

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

In this episode, we feature Suganya, a young mother on her passion in soap making. Watch her videos as she shares her soap making journey and handmade liquid soap recipe.

Meet The Makers: Suganya

"Inspired by my 2 years old son to make showering fun, I started off by making a simple melt & pour elephant soap. I progress on to make liquid soap for my husband and has been continuing my making journey ever since."

- Suganya

There’s no feeling, no emotion in the world more beautiful than a mother’s unconditional love and care for her children. Suganya's journey started with a simple request from her son and she has been making her own handmade soaps ever since for her family.

Making the switch to natural products is something that every single person will do differently - especially when it means doing it for the whole family. Each of us is unique and may require some time to change our habit from buying on-the-shelf products to using natural handmade soaps. Read our 5 tips to get you started on using natural handmade soaps.

Suganya started out with a fun and simple Melt & Pour Soap making class as she wants to make animal shaped soaps for her son. Her whole idea was to make showering fun. When they first moved here in Singapore, her husband's skin was dry as he was acclimatising to the weather condition in Singapore. They avoid harsh soaps, as these are more likely to strip the skin of moisture making dry skin look even worse. Now, she makes her own plant-based liquid soap for her husband which are gentler to the skin.  Aside from body wash, you can also make other liquid based soaps for laundry, dishwashing, shampoo and handwash. Learn more about Natural All-Purpose cleaner for your home.

Sugar & Spice Soap Making Classes

Join our Community of Soap Makers!

If you have always wanted to give soap making a shot, come say hello to us! Seasoned soap makers are also welcomed! We just love to gather soap makers together and form a little community! Our studio is conveniently located at 81 Ubi Avenue 4 #10-19 UB.ONE Singapore 408830 (We are just 5 mins walk from Tai Seng MRT).

See Class Schedule here.


Try Suganya's Soap Recipe!

DIY Liquid Castile Soap Paste

Cold Process Liquid Soap


Coconut Oil: 350g

Castor Oil: 50g

Sunflower Oil: 199g

Potassium Hydroxide (KOH 85% purity): 124g

Distilled Water: 372g

Watch the step-by-step demo on How To Make Cold Process Liquid Soap


Get other Soap Recipes:

DIY Rose and Charcoal Cold Process Soap



Handmade Liquid Soap

Perfect for beginners looking for a quick start.

1x CP Liquid Soap Making Class

1x Advanced CP Soap Making Class

FREE 1x Melt & Pour soap making class

FREE 6-month Unlimited DIY plan

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