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Handmade Skincare
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I've tried the body lotion. I like it because the scent is not overwhelming and the lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin leaving no oily or sticky after feel.

Dawn Cheong

Our promises​

No harmful

chemicals >

Sleeping Like a Baby

Only good & natural food for skin

- plant-based

Proven & effective

formulations >

White Tableware

Small batch &

preservative-free >

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline

Maximum freshness of products


handmade >

Chopping Vegetables

Comply to the highest standard of GMP


ingredients >


We use the same ingredients to make for ourselves too

Can't find a suitable skincare?

Customise your own skincare in 5 simple steps!

Find out the amazing benefits of our secret ingredients to your skin

Check out our natural skincare handcrafted with effective formulations

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